Welcome to Only Miami Beach

Hi, I am Mireya Mora. I have been a resident of Miami Beach for over 22 years. Welcome to our website.

I have been assisting Visitors and Residents with their relocation and vacation needs for over 10 years.

I would like to extend my services which include Short term stays, event planning, notary services and personal assistance services.

If you are relocating from a different country I offer packages that include Immigration, Banking, Investment and Travel assistance.

Feel Free to use the links on this page to find Rental, both short term and long term, and homes for sale from Condos to Castles.

If you need assistance with relocating a business or starting a business in Florida, contact us for more information.

I would also like to introduce my partner Joaquin Gutierrez. Joaquin has been working in the Real Estate Industry for over 30 years and is a specialist when it comes to analyzing property data. A deep understanding of financing tools helps those who face challenges because of strict loan criteria.

We look forward to serving you in and around the Miami Beach Area. Thank you!

Mireya Mora 786-488-2383

Joaquin Gutierrez 305-785-6596

Mireya Mora

Mireya Mora